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Military Aviation

Roundel of the Royal Netherlands Air Force      

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is the military aviation element of the armed forces. It is directed by the Air Force Staff at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Command Headquarters in Breda. The Air Force Command is headed by the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force who reports directly to the Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff. 

The mission of the Royal Netherlands Air Force is:

  • to provide and maintain air superiority over the territories of the Kingdom and NATO.
  • to provide close air support to the different branches of the armed forces.
  • to provide, under guidance of NATO or the United Nations, support in international conflicts.
  • to airlift military personnel and materiel to wherever needed.
  • to support civil authorities in maintaining order, fighting natural disasters and providing humanitatian aid, both in and outside the Kingdom.
  • to conduct rescue operations at sea and medevac missions from ships and from the Wadden Islets.
  • to deploy patrol aircraft for coastguard duties.
  • to contribute to a save, orderly and smooth conduct of air traffic above the Netherlands.