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Westland SH-14D Lynx

Features, Types and Tasks

The Westland Lynx is a British multi-purpose military helicopter designed and built by Westland Helicopters at its factory in Yeovil. Originally intended as a utility craft for both civil and naval usage, military interest led to the development of both battlefield and naval variants. The Lynx was the world's first fully aerobatic helicopter. In 1986 a specially modified Lynx set the current Fédération Aéronautique Internationale's official airspeed record for helicopters.

Royal Netherlands Navy

For the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Lynx is a maritime helicopter that often operates from on board a frigate. With its radar and sonar, the Lynx reconnoitres the fleet's surroundings in search of hostile surface ships and submarines. The Lynx can also be used to transport troops and for search-and-rescue missions.

Dipping sonar

In cooperation with ships, the Lynx is used for engaging opposing surface units. Its dipping sonar (which is suspended under the helicopter and dipped in the water) can locate submarines. The forward-looking infrared camera makes it possible to patrol at night (e.g. for counter-drugs missions in the Caribbean).


To disable submarines, the Lynx can deploy 2 target-seeking torpedoes. A 7.62 mm machine gun can be mounted in the door opening.

Search and rescue

The Lynx helicopter has an important search-and-rescue role: A helicopter is on standby 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at De Kooy Air Base to respond to emergencies in the North Sea. A winch can be used to pull people out of the water and to lift patients off ships. In those cases, a physician goes along.


The Lynx also has transport tasks, ranging from transporting materiel and personnel between ships in the fleet to placing a boarding team onto a suspect ship.

Westland SH-14D Lynx

Westland SH-14D Lynx

Westland SH-14D Lynx
Specifications SH-14D Lynx
Length 15,24 m
Height 3,78 m
Payload 737 kg
Engines 2 Rolls-Royce GEM 42
Power 1,120 hp per engine
Weight empty / maximum 3,291 / 5,330 kg
Speed cruise / maximum 220 / 324 km/h
Flight range 528 km with standard tanks
Manufacturer AgustaWestland
Number 20
In use with Royal Netherlands Navy
Westland SH-14D Lynx blueprint

Westland SH-14D Lynx Westland SH-14D Lynx
Westland SH-14D Lynx Westland SH-14D Lynx