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Features, Types and Tasks 

The NH-90 is the result of the idea in the 1980s of developing a common NATO helicopter. Several countries are involved in the project. There are two versions of the NH-90: a tactical transport helicopter (TTH) and a maritime ship-based helicopter (NFH).

International project

Four companies from 4 countries developed the NH-90: Agusta (Italy), Eurocopter (France), Eurocopter Deutschland (Germany) and Stork Fokker (Netherlands). In 2001, Portgual joined the project, followed by Belgium in 2006. Two versions were developed: a tactical transport helicopter (TTH) and a maritime ship-based helicopter (NFH).

The NATO Frigate Helicopter

The NH-90 that the Netherlands is getting is known as the NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH). It is substantially bigger and approximately twice as heavy as the current Lynx helicopter. The NH-90's larger cabin means that the NH-90 can carry 14 passengers or 6 medical patients. That is substantially more than the Lynx can carry. The navy also uses its helicopters for transport or deploying the Special Support Unit or boarding teams, which makes the greater capacity a significant improvement.

In addition to the larger cabin, the NHF has an integrated mission system that connects the various sensors. That makes it possible to deploy the helicopter in a wide range of mission types.

NH-90 NFH sitting in the grass 

Specifications (defensie.nl NH-90
Crew 2 pilots (and possible sensor operator on NFH)
Capacity 20 troops/12 stretchers/2 NATO Pallets or 4,000 kg external slung load
Rotor diameter 16,30 m
Height 5,23 m
Length 16,13 m
Engines 2 x RTM-322
Power 2,230 hp per engine
Weight empty / maximum 6,400 / 10,600 kg
Speed cruise / maximum 215 / 305 km/h
Flight range 800 km (TTH), 1000km (NFH)
Service ceiling 6,000 m
Rate of climb 8 m/s
Manufacturer NHIndustries
Number 20 total, 3 delivered
In use with Royal Netherlands Air Force
NH-90 NFH blueprint

NH-90 NH-90 Cockpit
NH-90 NFH: NATO Frigate Helicopter NH-90 Inflight