Medical evacuation despite poor visibility

Three AB-412 Search and rescue helicopters

November 9th 2011. A Royal Netherlands Air Force AB-412 rescue helicopter evecuated a person from a Danish fishing boat. Despite poort visibility and low level clouds the helicopter, from squadron 303, finally arrived at the boat one hour after it left from Leeuwarden Air Base.

The boat was in British territory, 130 miles away from the Friesian Air Base.

After picking up the patient and a brief stop at a British oil rig, the unit flew to Marine base De Kooy in Den Helder. An ambulance brought the patient to Gemini Hospital.

The Royal Netherlands has been flying the AB-412 SP search and rescue helicopter since 16 February 1994. The 3 AB-412 SPs are stationed at Leeuwarden Air Base. From that base, the helicopters are used to search for and rescue fighter pilots who have to exit their aircraft over the sea. Beside their military tasks, the helicopters are also used for civilian search and rescue missions.